SAPF AV-Annual Rules

   1.     Entry is open to all SAPF financial members.
  2.     Up to four individual entries, file name to match entry title.
  3.     Entries must be stand-alone digital productions without the need for the software that produced them.
  4.     Entries will not be returned and will be destroyed after viewing.
  5.     Maximum combined length 25 minutes per section. Maximum pixel dimensions 1920w x 1080h
  6.     Please fill in the online identification sheet (fiche) for each sequence.
  7.     Entry fee $10 per entrant for up to 4 entries. (Cash or bank transfer).
  8.     Mail sequences to Director or send via We Transfer (preferred method) – opens in new window.
  9.     Sequences entered at previous SAPF AV-Annuals must not be re-entered.
10.     A Novice is defined as an entrant who has not previously received acceptances in this or any nationally,
          or internationally, recognised audiovisual exhibition. 

11.     Entry in this exhibition means you accept full responsibility for obtaining any permissions and paying any licence fees   
          required as a consequence of the use of copyright material in the sequence submitted to this exhibition in your names.
12.    Submission of a sequence implies permission for it to be shown in public, acceptance of these rules and of all jury decisions.